Stay Protected With Liability Insurance

Sep 14, 2022

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There are millions of licensed drivers in the United States, and if you want to stay protected in case of an accident, it’s essential to have affordable auto insurance. Insurance helps cover the cost of damage to your car if you’ve been involved in a wreck. If you were the at-fault driver, liability insurance is necessary for covering the costs of medical expenses, damages and lost wages incurred by the victim.

Why You Need Liability Insurance

Car accidents occur every hour of every day. While many of them are minor and cause minimal damage, others significantly impact the people and vehicles involved. Insurance is necessary to cover the cost of the damages.

There are various types of car insurance. Liability insurance is the coverage that protects you if you were the at-fault driver in the accident. It pays for the expenses of the accident victims. Whenever an accident victim makes an insurance claim against you, your provider pays for lost wages, medical expenses and vehicle damages so that you aren’t directly responsible for the costs.

Most states, including Washington, require you to have liability insurance to drive legally. This type of coverage is essential if you cause an accident for any reason. Dan Marek Insurance can provide you with affordable car insurance that meets all state requirements.

What Liability Insurance Covers

Liability insurance covers any type of expense incurred by another driver when you caused an accident. In most cases, this includes damage to the other vehicle. Liability insurance also covers the cost of medical expenses, whether it’s a one-time visit to the doctor or an extended hospital stay. This coverage can also replace lost wages or compensate a victim for pain and suffering caused by the accident. Because it covers so many expenses, liability insurance is essential for driving.

Find Cheap Auto Insurance in Washington

Having insurance is critical for drivers of all ages. If you’re looking for affordable car insurance in Washington, Dan Marek Insurance is ready to help. We offer a wide variety of coverage options to protect you whenever you hit the road. To customize a policy to meet your specific needs, contact us today.